Major Avieni

Major Theo Rumpel

Major Erich Killenger

European Command Intelligence Center (1945-1953)

Colonel William R. Philip

Colonel Roy M. Throughman

Colonel Gordon D. Ingraham

Colonel Howard H. Ruppart


Colonel Frances E. Fellows

Colonel Rollins S. Emmerich

Colonel Jacob E. Nunes

Colonel Franz Ross

Colonel Paul R. Lutjens

Lt. Col Richard L. Rolfe

Colonel Gerald W. Davis

Colonel George D. Watson

Colonel William D. Neal, Jr.

4th Transposrtation Brigade/Command (note this part of the listing is not complete and I am still doing research. These were the commanders I could remember. Please feel free to contact me with others.) Thanks to Walter Elkins and Mike Crimens for information.

COL Robert W. Larson, 2 Feb 1968 - 2 Jun 1970

COL Frederick P. Howland, 3 Jun 1970 - 24 Sep 1971

COL Eric O. Rodenbeck, 25 Sep 1971 - 21 Dec 1971

COL Joseph O. Meerbott, 22 Dec 1971 - 23 Aug 1973

COL Franklin J. Glunn, 24 Aug 1973 - 10 Jul 1974

COL John K. Henderson, 11 Jul 1974 - 6 Apr 1976

GEN Vincent M. Russo, 7 Apr 1976 - 18 May 1978

COL Jimmy D. Ross, 19 May 1978 - 8 Jan 1980

COL James Howard Dunn, 9 Jan 1980 - 18 Feb 1980

COL Eugene R. Lanzillo

COL Robert Pratt

COL Battagiglioli  

Col Peter Dabrowski


COL Grover Snipes

COL Robert Saylor