A couple of people have asked who and where I am. My name is Sam Flynn and I live in New Port Richey, Florida.

I  was born in Staten Island  New York in January 1966. I have 3 older siblings, Patty, Meghan and Sean. Shortly after birth, I was 6 months old, my family relocated to Arlington Virginia due to my Father going to work as a Department of Defense Civilian in the Intelligence field. 

At the age of 3, November of 1969, my family was stationed in Germany. Initially we lived in a small farming community near Hanau called Bischoffsheim. While living in Bischoffsheim, I was lucky enough to attend German Kindergarten as well as get an indoctrination into the German Farming Community.  In the Spring of 1970 we moved to Camp King, Oberursel, Germany. In the Spring of 1975 we moved to Steinbach, a community near Oberursel. We returned to the United States, Laurel, Maryland, in July 1982. After having lived in Germany for so many years, The United States was foreign to me.  In July of 1984 my family relocated to New Port Richey, Florida.

I attended Frankfurt Elementary #1, Frankfurt Junior High School, and my 10th grade year at Frankfurt High School. I graduated, barely, in 1984 from Laurel High School. I imagine with the lowest GPA in the history of the school. I didn't have much interest in school while in Germany and that trend continued once I arrived in Maryland.) After moving to Florida, I attended Pasco Hernando Community College from August of 1984 until January of 1986. I returned to Pasco-Hernando Community College in May 1989 and graduated with an Associates in Art degree in August of 1990. I attended the University of South Florida from August of 1990 until December of 1992. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences, Major Criminology and a History Minor.

Sam's Senior Picture High School2.JPG (11673 bytes)

My Senior Picture (1984)

In January of 1986, after having to struggle to pay for college and holding menial jobs, I joined the United States Air Force. I served as a Security Policeman, Security Specialist. After Basic Training and Tech School (The Security Specialist School, Both on Lackland Air Base, Texas)  I was stationed at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida from May of 1986 to February of 1988. I was married on December 31, 1987 to my lovely wife Vicki, just prior to going to Korea. I left for Korea in February if 1988 where I was stationed Osan Air Base, 51st SPS. I was referred to the medial board due to an injury and was medically discharged in November of 1988, my father died 2 days prior to my discharge.

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Me at Macdill. Although I was assigned to the base, 56th SPS, I was working Security for Special Operation Command at the time. Therefore the blues.(1987)

After leaving the Air Force I had to face reality that my education was not enough to obtain the type of employment that I wanted. I found the transition from military life to civilian life extremely hard. Finding a decent paying job was difficult. I worked as a 911 operator and fire rescue dispatcher. for Pasco County,  from January 1989 to July of 1993. In July of 1993, I began working as a Correctional Probation Officer for the State of Florida, where I am still currently employed.

On October 1st 1996 my life changed drastically for the better as my wife gave birth to our handsome son Kevin. Being a father has really changed my perspective on life and has made this part of my life the most rewarding to date. There is no other title of honor that I enjoy as much as hearing my son call me DAD.